Lisa Bylinina, PhD
Curriculum Vitae
Date of birth: 12 Apr 1983
Place of birth: Vladivostok, Russia
Family: daughter Vera, born 25/05/2008
Languages: Russian (native), English (fluent),
French (basic), Dutch (basic).
Programming languages: Python (intermediate), C++ (basic), HTML (moderate), JavaScript (basic), CSS (moderate), XML (basic), (E)GREP.

Postdoctoral researcher (November 2016 — November 2019)
NWO VENI project 'Number Words'
Leiden University Centre for Linguistics, Leiden University
Van Wijkplaats 4
2311 BX Leiden
+31 71 527 2125

Member (postdoctoral researcher), from November 2016
Leiden Institute for Brain and Cognition, Leiden University
c/o LUMC
Postzone C2-S, P.O.Box 9600, 2300 RC Leiden,
+31 71 5264404 / + 31 71 5261467

November 2009 — September 2013
Ph.D. student at Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS (Utrecht University)
'Degrees under Discussion' project

Advisor: dr. Rick W. F. Nouwen
Promotor: prof. dr. H. de Swart
Defence date: 14 February 2014

Dissertation The Grammar of Standards: Judge-dependence, Purpose-relativity, and Comparison Classes in Degree Constructions [pdf]
November 2005 — Spring 2007 (interrupted)
Graduate student in Institute of Linguistics (Russian Academy of Science)

Advisor: Ya. G. Testelets
September 2001 — June 2005
Theoretical and Applied Linguistics Department,
Philological Faculty, Moscow State University

Diploma magna cum laudae (equiv. to M.A. with honors)
in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

Term paper Qualitative use of Russian indefinite pronouns
Advisors: K. I. Kazenin, Ya. G. Testelets
September 2000 — June 2001
(transferred to the Linguistics Department)
Department of Russian Language and Literature
Philological Faculty, Moscow State University
Summer/winter schools
December 2015
7th International School in Cognitive Sciences and Semantics.
Intensive course 'Number: Crosslinguistic and Crossdiscriplinary Approaches' Riga, University of Latvia"
January 2012

LOT winterschool, Tilburg, Netherlands
Sep — Dec 2011

Study visit to UChicago
August 2011

ESSLLI, Ljubljana, Slovenia
June 2010

LOT summerschool, Nijmegen, Netherlands
June — August 2005

Linguistic Society of America Summer Institute, MIT & Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

(Fellowship from Linguistic Society of America)

July 2004

New York Institute
of Cognitive and Cultural Studies, St. Petersburg
Summer 2003

Central European Summer School in Generative Grammar, Lublin, Poland
Summer 2001

Central European Summer School in Generative Grammar, Nis, Serbia
Previous employment
Nov 2013 — Nov 2016
Postdoc at the Meertens Instituut, the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
Nov 2009 — Sep 2013

Ph.D. student
at Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS
(Utrecht University)
March — Dec 2009

Part-time linguist /
Group of linguistic projects, NLP/IR
at Yandex

Summer 2008

Wrote a Russian syntax module for 'AOT'
Jan 2007 — Jan 2008

Linguist / NLP project for Clarabridge
at EPAM Systems

Oct 2006 — Jan 2007

Linguist / Information retrieval
Dec 2005 — March 2006

Linguist / Machine translation
at ABBYY Software House

April — Nov 2005

Editor / Linguistics department
at Federal state unitary enterprise Great Russian Encyclopedia

Nov 2002 — Jan 2005

Proofreader, then editor

Judge-dependence in degree constructions [draft version]
Journal of Semantics 2016. DOI: 10.1093/jos/ffw011
Varieties of intensification
with Yasutada Sudo
Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 05/2015
DOI: 10.1007/s11049-015-9291-y

A Non-Superlative Semantics for Ordinals
and the Syntax of Comparison Classes [draft version]

with Natalia Ivlieva, Alexander Podobryaev, Yasutada Sudo

The Structure of Inappropriateness: The Syntax and Semantics
of the Attributive-with-Infinitive Construction

Under revision for Natural Language and Linguistic Theory.

An In Situ Semantics for Ordinals [draft version]
with Natalia Ivlieva, Alexander Podobryaev, and Yasutada Sudo
In: Thuy Bui, Deniz Özyıldız (eds.), NELS 45: Proceedings of the Forty-Fifth Annual Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society: Volume 1, pp. 135-145

Notes on Perspective-Sensitivity
with Eric McCready and Yasutada Sudo
P. Arkadiev, I. Kapitonov, Y. Lander, E. Rakhilina, S. Tatevosov (eds.)
Donum semanticum: Opera linguistica et logica in honorem Barbarae Partee a discipulis amicisque Rossicis oblata. / Yazyki slavianskoy kul'tury, Moscow, 2015.
The Grammar of Standards:
Judge-dependence, Purpose-relativity
and Comparison Classes in Degree Constructions [final version]

PhD dissertation
LOT Dissertation Series 347, 216 pages
ISBN: 978-94-6093-130-7.
Degree infinitival clauses [final version]
Proceedings of Semantics and Linguistic Theory 23, pp. 294–411

THAN = MORE + EVEN: Evidence from Kabardian [final version]
with Yury Lander
In Proceedings of Amsterdam Colloquium 2013, pp. 75–82

Judge-dependence in degree constructions:
Evidence from Japanese evidentiality

In Proceedings of Formal Approaches to Japanese Linguistics 6 Cambridge: MITWPL #66, pp. 17–28.
Functional standards and the absolute/relative distinction [pdf]
In A. Aguilar Guevara, A. Chernilovskaya, and R. Nouwen (eds.)
Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 16: Volume 1 (pp. 141-157)
Cambridge: MITWPL.

Evaluative adjectives, scale structure, and ways of being polite [pdf]
with Stas Zadorozhny
In M. Aloni, V. Kimmelman, F. Roelfson, G. Sassoon, K. Schulz & M. Westera (eds.) Logic, Language and Meaning: 18th Amsterdam Colloquium, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, December 2011 Revised Selected Papers. (pp. 133-142) Springer
'Functional' standard in Russian and English degree constructions
In A.E. Kibrik, V.I. Belikov, I.M. Boguslawski, B.V. Dobrov, D.O. Dobrovolski & D.O. Dobrovolski (eds.)
Computational Linguistics and Intellectual Technologies Issue 10: Papers from the Annual International Conference 'Dialogue' (2011), pp. 161-168 Moscow: RGGU

Functional standards
In D. Lassiter (ed.),
Proceedings of the 2011 ESSLLI Student Session (pp. 46-58)

This is so NP! [pdf]
In B.H. Partee, M. Glanzberg & J. Skilters (eds.)
Riga: New Prairie Press
Wh-Reduplication in Altai [pdf]
In H. Maezawa & A. Yokogoshi (eds.)
Proceedings of the 6th Workshop on Altaic Formal Linguistics (WAFL6)
Vol. 61. MIT working papers in linguistics. Cambridge: MIT

Depreciative Indefinites: Evidence from Russian [pdf]
In G. Zybatow, P. Dudchuk, S. Minor & E. Pshehotskaya (eds.)
Formal Studies in Slavic Linguistics (Linguistik International), pp. 191-207 Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang
2009 and earlier
2005. Baškirskij jazyk (Bashkir language)
In Bol'šaja Rossijskaya enciklopedia v 30 tomah
Tom 3. Moscow: BRE, p. 137

2004a. Novye neopredelennye mestoimenija v russkom jazyke /
New indefinite pronouns in Russian

with Yakov Testelets
In XXXIII Meždunarodnaja filologičeskaja konferencija. Vyp. 25. Sekcija prikladnoj I matematičeskoj lingvistiki, tom 1
SPb: Philological faculty, SPbGU, pp. 40-46.

2004b. Sluicing-Based Indefinites in Russian
with Yakov Testelets
In Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics 13: The South Carolina Meeting, pp. 355-365, ed. Steven Franks, Frank Y. Gladney and Mila Tasseva-Kurktchieva Ann Arbor, MI: Michigan Slavic Publications

2003. O sintaksise otricanija v russkom jazyke: otricatel'nye mestoimenija I konstrukcija 'ni… ni…' / On the syntax of negation in Russian: negative polarity pronouns and 'ni… ni…' construction
In Trudy konferencii DIALOG'03. Protvino

2002. Balkarskoe otnositelnoe predloženie v tipologičeskom osveš'enii / Relative clause in Balkar in a typological perspective
In Trudy Kazanskoj školy po kompjuternoj I kognitivnoj lingvistike TEL-2002 Kazan: Otečestvo, pp. 67-90
P – peer-reviewed, I – talks on invitation
The Third Varieties of Normativity Workshop. Department of Philosophy, Uppsala University, 24—25 April 2017
Typology of Numerals
and The Number Line
With Sjef Barbiers and Ruby Sleeman. Grammar and Cognition Research Group Meeting. ACLC. University of Amsterdam. 18 November 2016
Adjectival Modification of Numerals
With Heidi Klockmann and Jakub Dotlačil.
'Logic in Language and in Conversation' workshop. Utrecht University.
19 September 2016
Building an automated pipeline
for typological research:
a case study
With Annebeth Buis. Dialogue Conference. RSUH, Moscow, 1—4 June, 2016
Perspective-sensitivity as a type of context-sensitivity
„Restriction and Obviation in Scalar Expressions" project seminar, UiL OTS, Utrecht, 7 April, 2016
Typological rarities in the domain of numeral derivation
With Ellen van Drie. 11th International Symposium of Cognition, Logic and Communication. Number: Cognitive, Semantic and Crosslinguistic Approaches. University of Latvia, Riga, 10—11 December 2015
A non-superlative semantics for ordinals
With Natalia Ivlieva, Alexander Podobryaev, and Yasutada Sudo, 48th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea, Leiden University Centre for Linguistics (LUCL), Leiden, 2—5 September 2015
P: Perspective-Sensitive Anaphora: The Case of Japanese 'Zibun'

With Eric McCready and Yasutada Sudo. Semantics and Philosophy in Europe 8. University of Cambridge,
16–19 September 2015

P: Perspective-Sensitive Anaphora: The Case of Japanese 'Zibun'

With Eric McCready and Yasutada Sudo. Pronouns: Syntax, Semantics, Processing: A mini-conference and summer school. HSE, Moscow, 18 June 2015
P: The landscape of perspective-shifting

With Eric McCready and Yasutada Sudo. Pronouns in Embedded Contexts and the Syntax-Semantics Interface. University of Tuebingen, 9 November 2014
P: A non-superlative semantics for ordinals and the syntax of comparison classes (poster)

With Natalia Ivlieva, Alexander Podobryaev and Yasutada Sudo. NELS45. MIT, 1 November 2014
I: Subjectivity, experience, and talking about personal taste

Semantics Seminar. Keio University, Tokyo, 25 April 2014
I: Meeting of 'Les dénuméraux à travers les langues' project

The 'Language and Number' project Amsterdam/Leiden. Université Paris Diderot-Paris 7, 17 March 2014
I: Purpose-relativity in the positive degree construction

Syntax Seminar. University of Groningen, 8 November 2013.
P: Distributivity and definiteness in comparison classes (poster)

Sinn und Bedeutung 18 in the Basque Country, 11-13 September 2013
P: The judge argument (poster)

ICL 19 (Congrès International des Linguistes), Geneva, 22-27 July 2013
I: Purpose-relativity in degree constructions

Leiden-Utrecht Semantic Happenings (LUSH). Utrecht Institute of Linguistics, 27 June 2013
I: Semantics of subjectivity: Tasty, fun and beyond

Semantics Tea. UCLA, 8 May 2013
P: Degree infinitival clauses (poster)

Semantics and Linguistic Theory 23. UCSC, 3-5 May 2013
I: Degree infinitival clauses

Syntax+ seminar. UCS, 1 May 2013
I: Sources of subjectivity and the judge argument

Workshop 'The ontology of the mind and the semantics of nominalizations'. IHPST, Paris, 23 Feb 2013
I: Judge-dependence, experience and gradability

Seminar 'Structures Formelles du Langage – UMR 7023'. Université Paris VIII, 5 Nov 2012
P: Judge-dependence in degree constructions (poster)

NELS 43. CUNY, 20 Oct 2012
P: Judge-dependence in degree constructions

IATL 28. Tel-Aviv University, 16 Oct 2012
P: Judge-dependence in degree constructions: Evidence from Japanese evidentiality

Formal Approaches to Japanese Linguistics 6. ZAS Berlin, 26 Sept 201
I: Judge-dependence across degree constructions

Guest talk at Galit Sassoon's semantics class. Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 11 Apr 2012
I: Low degrees and comparative morphology

University of Chicago Linguistics Department, Chicago, 21 November 2011
I: Low degrees, comparatives, and how they are related

Logical Form Reading Group. MIT, 4 November 2011
P: Functional standards and the relative/absolute distinction

Sinn und Bedeutung 16. Utrecht, 6 September 2011
P: Functional standards

ESSLLI Student Session. Ljubljana, 8 August 2011
P: Functional standards in Russian and English

FASL20. MIT, Cambridge, 13 May 2011
P: A degree analysis of incrementality revisited

With Sergei Tatevosov. 'Scalarity in Verb-Based Constructions' workshop. Düsseldorf, 7 April 2011
P: Incremental theme composition in degree semantics

Taalkunde in Nederland-dag. Utrecht, 5 Feb 2011
P: It's so NP!

6th International Symposium of Cognition, Logic and Communication. Riga, 19 November 2010
I: Guest talk on Russian qualitative indefinites

Given at Barbara Partee's seminar in Moscow. Moscow State University, 24 April 2009
P: Depreciative Indefinites: Evidence from Russian
Formal Descriptions of Slavic Languages 7,5. Moscow, 6 December 2008
The Semantics
of Perspective-Sensitivity
With Yasutada Sudo

August 2015

ESSLLI 2015 in Barcelona,
advanced course
Semantics I
With Lena Karvovskaya

Autumn 2014

BA course at Leiden University
The Semantics
of Possible and Impossible Worlds
With Igor Yanovich


Theoretical and Applied
Linguistics Department,
Moscow State University
Semantics and Pragmatics (member of the editorial board) • Glossa Synthese Natural Language and Linguistic Theory Journal of Logic, Language and Information Journal of Semantics Journal of Slavic Linguistics Lingua Linguistics in the Netherlands
NELS • SALT • ConSOLE • ESSLLI Student Session • Formal Semantics in Moscow (FSIM) • Moscow Syntax and Semantics (MOSS) • Amsterdam Colloquium
MA thesis
External review of an MA thesis by Natalia Philippova, Higher School of Economics, Moscow

+ occasional edited volumes
Ellen van Drie, Utrecht University
Internship supervision • BA thesis supervision
Daniel Forster,
University of Amsterdam
Internship supervision
Kees van Doorn
Internship supervision
Sophie Ruthven
Internship supervision
Annebeth Buis,
University of Amsterdam
Internship supervision
Ilaria E. Colombo,
University of Amsterdam
Internship supervision
Ruby Sleeman, Leiden University
Internship supervision
Ginger Haasbroek,
Leiden University
Internship supervision
Robyn Berghoff,
Utrecht University
Internship supervision,
M.A. thesis supervision
Imke Kruitwagen,
Utrecht University
Internship supervision
Sofia Popova,
University of Amsterdam
Internship supervision
Organizing experience
Reading Group on Numerals
Winter 2016—presently

The Meertens Institute
Annual Formal Semantics in Moscow workshop
Spring 2005 — Spring 2006
With Peter Arkadiev, Igor Yanovich and Anna Pazelskaya
Took part in organizing FSIM1 and FSIM2
Formal Semantics Reading Group
Spring 2004 — Spring 2005
With Igor Yanovich and several other students
Theoretical and Applied Linguistics Department, Moscow State University.
Summer 2011
Tatar, Tatarstan
Сomparative constructions
Summer 2007
Ossetian, Northern Ossetia
Had to interrupt work due to illness
Summer 2006
Altai, Altai Republic
Scalar particles and indefinite pronouns

Kabardian, Karachaevo-Cherkessija
Negation, polarity sensitivity,
scalar items and indefinite pronouns
Summer 2005
Kabardian, Karachaevo-Cherkessija
Scalar focus particles and polarity sensitive items
Summer 2004
Adyghe, Republic of Adygea
Negation and anaphora

Kabardian, Karachaevo-Cherkessija
Anaphora and subordinate constructions
Summer 2003
Dagestan, Bezhta
Summer 2002
Balkar, Kabardino-Balkarija
Syntax of relative clause